minerals mailshot

Minerals mailshot campaign in nutraingredients.com

Geo-targeted  e-mail blast campaign  targeting mineral viewers on nutraingredients online platform

Micronutrient deficiencies are a great concern worldwide. Food fortification is generally considered the best approach for eradicating them. However there are some technical issues associated which often result in objectionable organoleptic changes, reduced bioavailability and challenging incorporation into final products. Microencapsulation is currently considered one of the best solutions for overcoming these technical limitations thanks to the shield-like coating.  Via this campaign based on a downloadable pdf targeting minerals viewers, Lipofoods reinforces its position as a recognizable microencapsulated minerals supplier , generating new sales leads to keep enabling customers to design products with enhanced functionality. For more details about this campaign, click on the following link:  Microencapsulated minerals by Lipofoods .

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