Lipophytol superior efficacy in CVD

LIPOPHYTOL® superior efficacy in CVD treatment

A clinical study comparing LIPOPHYTOL ® vs raw phytosterols demonstrated microencapsulation enhances sterols performance

Results of a clinical study performed by CTNS showed that even though raw phytosterols and their microencapsulated form (LIPOPHYTOL ® ) reduce the cholesterol in a similar extent, LIPOPHYTOL ® is more effective decreasing the hypertriglyceridemia and against atherogenesis under a high fat diet, demonstrating microencapsulation technology might enhance the activity of phytosterols. Despite with the current data we cannot suggest a mechanism to explain these observations, extrapolation of our results to humans might suggest that LIPOPHYTOL ® is a more suitable additive to be consumed by the general population. The full campaign enclosing the results of this study can be found on

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