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Lipofoods products advertised on Branded-Ingredients website

Lipofer ® & Lipophytol ®  added to  Branded-ingredients  listing matching a specific health category is an overview of the best branded ingredients available on the dietary supplements & functional foods market. It gives end consumers the confidence that the product is formulated with care by choosing a superior ingredient backed with scientific documentation. Lipofoods branded microencapsulated iron: Lipofer® & branded microencapsulated plant sterols Lipophytol®   can now be found on listing, being positioned in different categories & subcategories including: cognitive function, heart & cardiovascular health, digestive health, reduction of gastro-intestinal discomfort, reduce fatigue, anaemia, immunity, AMPK activation, endurance etc. Lipofer® has been highlighted in the lastest newsletter of Branded Ingredients website for Women's Health products.

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