Global campaign for dairy fortification with Lipofer®

Our microencapsulated iron solution for dairy fortification on

Lipofoods takes on a global campaign on dairy reporter to present Lipofer® as the ideal ally for iron fortification of dairy products on dairyreporter website . Within the general food category dairy products are considered one of the best delivery vehicles for iron fortification.  However iron fortification can be challenging due to the chemical reactivity of iron species that often result in the generation of discoloration or objectionable flavors as well as in reduced bioavailability of the mineral. Iron fortification of dairy products, is one of the most important targets for Lipofoods. That´s why in this dairy-focused campaign we offer our technological iron solution:  Lipofer ®  a water dispersible micronized source of iron that has been microencapsulated to enhance iron absorption and to reduce undesirable organoleptic attributes thus enabling the enrichment of various types of dairy products.

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